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Founded in 2004 by John Shinholser and Carol McDaid, The McShin Foundation is a nationally accredited authentic Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that operates a 15,000-square foot Recovery Community Center (RCC) in Richmond, Virginia. The McShin Foundation is one of 15 accredited RCO entities in the United States, and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS). In addition, McShin is a member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO), and has its residences follow the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR) guidelines. Our mission is to deliver a message of hope to recovering individuals with Substance Use Disorders and to facilitate their journey to a healthier life. In order to accomplish this mission, we combine peer support services with family education and political advocacy to reduce the stigma of Substance Use Disorders and spread the message of recovery.

McShin is operated by a 25-person staff and directed by 15-member non-profit Board of Directors, creating a diverse but cohesive community of support. In addition, each of our nine recovery residences is managed by a house leader and assistant house leader, providing increased accountability and stability for our residential participants. These residences are all state and nationally certified recovery residences. All McShin staff are in recovery, peer leaders and are certified recovery coaches through our NAADAC approved Recovery Coach Training Curriculum. Staff have also completed the Peer Recovery Specialist training through Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health Services. McShin delivers a peer model of recovery supported by linkage to clinical services. Participants in the program housing attend recovery related, relapse prevention, 12-step, faith based, mindfulness/holistic, and family education groups every day. McShin recovery housing and programs serve many populations including reentry individuals from jails, prisons or institutions. The organization provides services recognized by the Richmond and Henrico areas judicial system as a proven successful alternative to incarceration for individuals in the court system due to non-violent drug related crimes.

Level 3 Recovery Center Level 2 Housing
MAT Friendly
Serving Men and Women

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Lakeside, Richmond, VA 23228

True Recovery RVA

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The lived experience of those associated with True Recovery RVA (TRRVA) equips us to help individuals seeking recovery. We consider this lived experience a privilege and have a passion for leading others down the pathway. We support many pathways to recovery, including those on medically assisted recovery (MAR). We know that recovery is the solution to addiction and look forward to the opportunity of showing others the freedom from active addiction and hope that recovery provides. True Recovery RVA is LIVING PROOF THAT RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE – Recovery knowledge from those who have been there.

Level 2 Housing
MAT Friendly

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Richmond, VA 23230

WAR Foundation

WAR Foundation

Willing Addicts Recovering Foundation

At the Willing Addicts Recovering Foundation we have declared WAR on the disease of addiction! Our mission is to help those fighting addiction, by providing a clean and safe living environment with recovery, unity and love at the center. We deploy methods of authentic peer-to-peer recovery support in our housing along with regular 12step meeting attendance, random drug testing, structured living and responsibility, with a supportive recovery community behind each person. Our founders have achieved long-term recovery from these very methods that continue to work in the lives of many others. We believe in not instructing others on how to find recovery, but rather in showing others the path to recovery by leading through the power of example. The only battle that’s lost is the battle that we never begin to fight, but with just a desire and shred of willingness we help those find a new way of life. Recovery isn’t something we do or did it’s the way in which we live. The miracle isn’t that we finish or graduate because this is journey without a destination in which we learn to embrace each day. The miracle is that we have the courage to start! The WAR Foundation is about changing lives and restoring families and letting each person know that they are somebody, and that somebody is capable of achieving any dream they want as long as they are willing to put in the work. We are Willing Addicts Recovering and addiction doesn’t define us Recovery does!
Level 2 Housing
MAT Friendly

We are serving Men and Women in the Henrico and Richmond, Virginia area.

Give us a call for more information:

Anthony Grimes, President: 804-489-4224
Kate Gilreath, CEO: 804-237-4011
Jessica Frith, Community Relations Coordinator: 804-234-6850


Richmond, VA 23230

Eco Flats

Eco Flats

Eco Flats RVA, Apartments


  • Providing Clean and Sober Recovery Residences
    Perfect for college students seeking a clean environment
  • Walking distance from VCU campus, VUU, and J Sargent Reynolds
  • Approved residence for Richmond Drug Court
  • Newly renovated 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (18 apartments; 68 beds total)
  • 24-7 on-site management
  • free wifi
  • Serving men, women.
  • Right off of several bus lines
  • Medically Assisted Treatment, friendly.

A Division of True Recovery RVA

GIve us a call for more info!


David Rook
True Recovery RVA

Richmond, VA 23230

Real Life

Real Life


REAL LIFE serves individuals who have been impacted by incarceration, homelessness, or substance use disorder by giving them an opportunity to overcome their personal and community barriers that hinder their pathway to a Thriving Life.
Our mission is to develop a relationship with each person we serve (as we refer to them, Lifers) that equips them to make visible progress necessary for their personal pathway to a Thriving Life.
Male and Female Recovery/Transitional Houses in South Richmond
REAL LIFE Community Center: The Center provides intensive case management, as well as a wide variety of classes, services, meetings and groups at the Center. We also have a program for women who are pregnant. 
All services are free of charge. 

Level 2 houses

Director: Sarah Scarbrough


Richmond, VA 23230

Broad Highway Recovery

Broad Highway Recovery LogoBroad Highway Recovery offers an Intensive Recovery Center for men, located in a lovely home in south Richmond. We are committed to helping our clients recovering from addiction to learn to live life in the real world. At our Intensive Recovery Center, we show the residents that a sober life can be an enjoyable life. We offer outings in and around Richmond and outdoor experiences including fishing and hiking retreats. We also teach life skills including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, resume building, and job preparation. In fact, before stepping down, residents are expected to be employed, or in school.
After completing the first ninety day minimum in our intensive program, clients may step down to our transitional living house. While still maintaining contact with the center by leading meetings and participating in outings, clients will move into a house where they are allowed more freedom and given more responsibility.

MAT Friendly
Serving men

Level 3 center
Level 2 Transitional Housing

Contact Information
Sam Davis, Owner
(512) 777-9852

Richmond, VA 23230

The Recovery Connection

True Recovery RVAThe Recovery Connection provides housing and recovery related services to those that struggle with substance use disorder and desire a new way to live. Our women’s recovery home is located in the City of Winchester (approximately 75 miles west of Washington, DC). Our compassionate, professional and understanding staff works with each resident in developing individualized recovery plans based on realistic and attainable goals. We believe in a strength-based, person-centered approach where individuals can feel safe and supported during this difficult phase of their lives. Through peer support and a monitored structure, residents engage in daily meaningful activities and establish networks of support with others in the community. In our recovery home and transitional living program, connection is the key to finding a life worth living.

MAT Friendly
Serving women
Level 2 Transitional Housing
Contact Information
Meredith Speir, Co-Founder & COO


Winchester, VA

Journey House

Journey House Logo

Journey House Foundation develops community collaboration in order to expand and strengthen the recovery support network for individuals seeking to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. We are committed to lowering the stigma of addiction and raising the standard of recovery support services through community outreach. Journey House Foundation aims to combat the troubling rise in substance abuse by offering a holistic approach to the disease of addiction with a complete recovery support system of care that supports reintegration into society.

Level 2 housing
Serving men and women
Medically Assisted Treatment Friendly

Contact info

Mike Tillem 804-201-8060

Lakeside, Richmond, VA 23230


supreme icon - Accredited Residences

Supreme Re-Entry Programming (CTS) mission is to empower women (and their families) to live as respected, valued members of their communities by providing housing support, advocacy services, substance abuse and mental health education, and referred services.

We will achieve our mission through:

  • Entry Screening with case management
  • Individual service plans
  • Community Resources
  • Workforce empowerment
  • Recovery involvement


Supreme Re-Entry Programming (CTS) vision is to reduce recidivism, help women develop self-esteem, self-respect and dignity; increase their opportunities for wholeness and life successes, and returning them back to the community through programming and education Svc.

Individuals seeking recovery and community re-integration, often need support and structure in their efforts to do so. Supreme Re-entry Programming CTS provides both support and structure for our residents. We also encourage family involvement and reunification. Currently, our program is abstinence based with support for 12-Step Recovery, in-house peer lead education and support and relapse prevention groups. However, Supreme RPCTS will Encourage our residents participating in our in-house groups. Our current residence is a Level 2/on the Bus line also near stores.

For Additional Information on Admission Criteria

Level 2

MAT FAirendly

Contact info

Kelvin Spearman  804-625-6474
Denise Cobb 

Richmond, VA 23230

Georgia’s House

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In 2010, Georgia’s Friends, Inc., was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping women recover from alcohol and drug addiction. The primary goal was to establish a recovery home to provide women a supportive, therapeutic living environment where they can maintain sobriety and build a new life. Georgia’s Friends came together to honor Georgia Barbour who died in the county jail following a long struggle with alcoholism. The founders believed that Georgia would be alive today if she had a safe and supportive place to live, recover and heal from her disease. Georgia’s Healing House, now known simply as Georgia’s House, opened in 2015 and now resides in a restored Victorian house in downtown Charlottesville


Georgia’s Friends provides programs and services in the Charlottesville-Albemarle community to help women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges. Georgia’s House, the signature initiative, provides hope and healing through a safe, therapeutic and structured home for women in the early stages of recovery.

Georgia’s House is the first recovery home for women in Charlottesville, providing a supportive living environment where residents can heal from addiction and rebuild their lives as contributing members of society. The residence is convenient to public transportation and many local resources for food, medical care, shopping and community services. The house is surrounded by beautiful mature gardens and peaceful outdoor living spaces.

Each woman arrives at Georgia’s House with unique needs and challenges. Residents are assisted in integrating into the community, securing basic needs, finding employment and in meeting any court-ordered requirements. Residents attend daily recovery meetings, have jobs and/or attend school. The women contribute to the residential community by completing regular chores, cooking group meals, and volunteering to help others. Women may live at Georgia’s House for up to two years, thus giving them time to truly change their lifestyles and habits while creating a new foundation for independent living. Costs are minimal so the women have an opportunity to rebuild without the worry of supporting themselves financially.

Georgia’s House is a place of hope and healing.
Serving Women
Level 2 Housing

Contact info

405 Ridge St.
Charlottesville VA 22902
Laura Pettit, Program Director

Charlottesville VA 22902

Step House

The Step House, LLC.
Providing a safe environment for recovery

At The Step House we provide safe and affordable housing to those in early to long term recovery from the disease of addiction. We believe that peer to peer lived experience has proven to be the greatest strength for any individual learning to live a new way of life. We support many pathways to recovery including those on medically assisted recovery (MAR). Creating a family like home environment free from the use of drugs and alcohol while encouraging your chosen program of recovery is our mission. As recovering addicts ourselves who have hit bottom and regained a life we never dreamed of we hope to share our journey with those willing to take the first step towards freedom from active addiction. Follow in the footsteps of those who have been there and turned their lives around to find long term recovery.

Serving men in Pulaski, VA.
Level 2 Housing
MAT Friendly

Contact info

Cory Haggerty, Owner:

Brett Hansen, House Manager:

 Pulaski, VA